Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum depression goes beyond the temporary ‘baby blues’ that many women experience for a few weeks after giving birth. It is a serious mental health issue that primarily affects women but can also impact their partners. This form of depression can occur during pregnancy or after delivery. Intense feelings of sadness, anxiety, and fatigue can hinder new mothers from carrying out daily care activities for themselves and their babies.

Some common symptoms of postpartum depression include:

  • Constant feelings of sadness or low mood
  • Being frequently tired and lack of energy
  • Loss of interest in things happening around you and no longer finding pleasure in activities
  • Feeling unable to care for your baby
  • Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and self-blame
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Decreased or increased appetite
  • Struggling to bond with your baby, feeling indifferent and lacking enjoyment for being with them
  • Disturbing and frightening thoughts, such as wanting to harm your baby; although these thoughts are rarely acted upon, they can be very alarming
  • Thinking about self-harm and suicide

If you believe the above description applies to you, it is crucial to seek help as soon as possible, as the symptoms could significantly affect both you and your baby. With the proper counselling, most women fully recover.

Which therapeutic approaches might be beneficial?

  • Cognitive Behavioral Counselling (CBT)
  • Cognitive Analytic Counselling (CAT)

The highly skilled team at Hypoworry Online Counselling has extensive experience in treating individuals with postpartum depression.


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