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Couples counselling (CT) is an effective approach to coping with poor communication, trust issues, lack of
emotional and physical intimacy and frequent arguments, and also other relational problems.
CT will allow you and your partner to get help from a psychologist to promote an alteration in the
relationship. The counselling basically focuses on understanding external factors (e.g. family values, religion,
and culture) that affect the relationship, recognizing how the past may affect the present, communicating
in a constructive manner, realizing possible reasons for arguments to escalate, and resolving conflicts and
disagreements where possible.
As sessions progress, you can acquire ways of dealing with issues between you and your partner, or you
can ultimately decide to part ways. Either way, counselling will nourish you to decide what you wish the future
to hold for you and your partner.

The Efficacy of CT

● Based on the problems that you and your partner share, the duration of sessions will be
discussed with your psychologist.

● The psychologist will make suggestions, and give some homework tasks to you and your partner
between counselling sessions.

● Your psychologist may also talk to you both individually, or in separate appointments depending
on the problems.

The CT approach as online counselling
At Hypoworry, several highly qualified psychologists have experience in providing CT. They can also
deliver this counselling to you within the comfort of your own home or office through our online platform,
specifically designed to offer psychological counselling in a convenient and accessible way.


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