use of therapist panel

You can update your personal information from the "My Profile" section. This section includes fields such as your name, surname, phone number, email address, and biography. You can also change your password from this section.

You can establish your Google Meet and Google Calendar connection by clicking the "Sign in with Google" button. This will link your Google account to the Hypoworry platform, allowing you to track your appointments more easily.

You can set your working hours from the "Working Hours" section on the "My Profile" page. In this section, you can specify the hours during which you can give appointments to your patients.

You can set your days off from the "Days Off" section, and your special days related to your appointment hours from the "Special Days" section.

To add such information, you need to send an email to info@hypoworry.com. Don't forget to attach the information and documents you want to add to your email.

For urgent support needs, you can reach out via WhatsApp to the phone number +90 541 313 13 07.

The Hypoworry platform facilitates the management of appointment cancellations and changes. If a patient wishes to cancel or change an appointment, they can easily do so through the system. However, the cancellation and change rules you have set as a therapist apply.

Hypoworry's video conference service is tolerant of internet connection interruptions. If your connection is temporarily lost, you can generally continue the session where you left off. However, in case of constant or long-term internet connection problems, it might be best to plan a new session with your patient for another time.

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